Volunteering is a great way to boost your skills at the same time as making a real difference to your local community.

Whether you’re looking to gain work experience and broaden your horizons, fulfil your passion for environmental issues or simply want to give a few hours a week to a cause that benefits your community, volunteering can help you do something special. Jarrow Hall offers many practical and sociable volunteering opportunities, from selling admission tickets and working in our gift shop, to entertaining visitors as a tour guide and the maintenance and management of our reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village.

Below is some of the many benefits of volunteering at Jarrow Hall.

Develop your Mind and Body
Volunteering has been known to counteract the effects of anger, stress and anxiety. Doing volunteer work that you find meaningful and interesting, can help to relieve you from the stresses and pressures of everyday life. Working with others and applying yourself to social situations can have a profound effect on your overall psychological wellbeing. As well as developing your mind, taking part in regular practical activities will improve your physical health and increase your fitness levels.

Help the Local Community
Volunteering not only has a positive effect on your personal and mental health, but it also has a valuable effect on your local community and society in general. By volunteering at Jarrow Hall, you can make a real difference and connect with the local South Tyneside community. Even the smallest of tasks can make a real difference to the lives of our visitors, animals and the environment.

Connect with Others
Volunteering can help you meet different people outside of your friends and family, connect with people through common interests and become part of the Jarrow Hall team. It can also help those who are not naturally outgoing or those who may feel isolated to develop their social skills.

Advance or Change your Career
Volunteering at Jarrow Hall provides you with an opportunity to try out a potential new career without having to make long term commitments. It can also help you build on your current skill set and allow you to use them to benefit the community. Through volunteering you can also gain useful work experience to bolster your CV, and at Jarrow Hall we provide training to ensure that our volunteers achieve this.

Explore your interests
Volunteering is an enjoyable and practical way to explore your interests and life passions, discover new talents, take on a new challenge or achieve a personal goal. As a result, you may grow in confidence, feel better about yourself and achieve a sense of purpose and pride.

We regularly work with volunteers and value the contribution they make to our projects in enhancing and developing our aims and objectives in changing places and changing lives. We also provide a friendly and welcoming environment, thorough induction, training and celebration events amongst all the other benefits when volunteering at Jarrow Hall.

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