Taste experts Sarah Daglish and Eve McPadden are buzzing with excitement about their latest venture – opening a modern coffee shop and eatery in a Grade II listed 18th Century mansion.

These entrepreneurs are bringing Hive Coffee Company, and its contemporary menu and brand, to Jarrow Hall, Anglo-Saxon Farm, Village and Bede Museum – South Tyneside’s newest visitor attraction.

They will set up shop in early 2017 inside the renovated hall – which was built around 1785 and has a history of beekeeping on site – and be open to all from the full Launch of Jarrow Hall in April 2018.

Selling a wide variety of delicious food made with high quality ingredients, their menu will feature a number of specialist drinks and dishes, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

Sarah and Eve believe the hall’s past perfectly fits with their business ethos of creating venues that transform into hives of activity for people to meet and socialise.

Their new venture is the latest step in the successful relaunch of Jarrow Hall, Anglo-Saxon Farm, Village and Bede Museum, as a regional, national and international tourist centre.

Formerly known as Bede’s World, it is now operated by communities’ charity Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle, which reopened it for business in October.

Sarah said: “We are really happy to be working alongside Groundwork at Jarrow Hall and with the community of South Tyneside, reviving the hall’s former café.

“We look forward to inviting visitors old and new to Hive Coffee Company at Jarrow Hall, to sample our high-quality coffee and food offer.

“It will be an excellent chance to provide something different and exciting for South Tyneside, bringing a new business venture to the local area.”

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And Eve added: “Our concept is based around the idea of a hive, with the hive being a place where bees gather to live and work.

“For us, the idea of a hive is the coming together of people in a shared space for a specific cause.

“Within the history of the Jarrow Hall site, traditionally there have been kept bees, and it has been a pleasant surprise to feel like we are already linked to that past.

“In our hive, we want to encourage people to connect, using it as a hub for interactions by starting with a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

“We plan to provide natural foods, using locally grown fresh herbs and produce, surprising and delighting customers with handcrafted food and coffee daily.”

Sarah and Eve met while pupils at Jarrow School, and set up their business after graduating from Newcastle University – Sarah with a degree in fine art, and Eve in international business management.

Support from the Prince’s Trust allowed them to plan two years ahead, giving them time to develop ideas, menus and a business brand for their independent enterprise.

They focus on selling quality coffee and food and a wide variety of drinks and dishes, and strive to use local and healthy produce.

This has allowed them to create a range of wholesome foods which include quiches, flatbreads, salads and cakes, with dishes prepared fresh on site each day.

The pair have broad experience of working within the food and catering industry, with Eve specialising in vegan and gluten free cooking which they incorporate into their menu.

Sarah is also the current regional Starbucks Barista Champion for 2016.

Her knowledge of creating the perfect coffee will add to the range of unique beverages she plans to bring to the business.

Leigh Venus, Groundwork’s Operations Manager Heritage and Culture, said: “It’s great that Hive Coffee Company are bringing new life, and a menu full of flavour, to Jarrow Hall House.

“The hall has a rich history which Sarah and Eve will add to through their modern take on contemporary food and drink.

“Groundwork are continuing to make many improvements and additions to the Jarrow Hall visitor attraction, and the arrival of the Hive Coffee Company is a key part of our new, integrated offer for visitors and the local community, and something very different for the local area. We’re looking forward to people making the journey to Jarrow just to try the amazing food and drink in the gorgeous old house.

“I’m extremely proud to be able to give two incredibly talented young female entrepreneurs the opportunity to realise their dream, and I’m sure their unique and delicious offer will prove a big success with our visitors.”

Jarrow Hall House will be family friendly, dog friendly and will welcome walkers and cyclists.

Hive Coffee Company can be found at info@hivecoffeecompany.co.uk, Facebook @hivecoffeecompany and Instagram @hivecoffeecompany