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Hive Coffee Company will open its doors to the public for the very first time this Saturday, 1st April 10am – 5pm.

The Hive Coffee Company team will be serving fresh food and coffee 7 days a week in our beautiful and freshly renovated Jarrow Hall House.

Hive Coffee Company is an independent coffee shop focusing on selling quality coffee and food. Offering a wide variety of drinks and dishes to suit all, providing dietary-conscious choices such as vegan, gluten free and dairy free goods. they also endeavour to use as much local and healthy produce as possible, creating a range of wholesome foods from assorted salads to flatbreads; quiches to cakes, with dishes being prepared fresh on site each day.

Co-Founders of this culinary venture are Sarah Daglish and Eve McPadden. After graduating, they began a two-year project together with the help of Prince’s Trust, planning and developing their ideas, menus and business as a brand. Hive Coffee Company is something they have created and nurtured, in order to reflect their values and interests.

The team are local to the area, meeting at the near by Jarrow School, they remember visiting the Jarrow Hall Site , when they were younger and are excited to be part of it’s new journey.

“We are really happy to be working along side Ground Work at Jarrow Hall and the community of South Tyneside, reviving the cafe for the re-launch of the site as a whole in April 2017. We look forward to inviting visitors, old and new to Hive Coffee Company at Jarrow Hall, to sample our high-quality coffee and food offers. It will be an excellent chance to provide something different and exciting for South Tyneside, bringing a new business venture to the local area.”

“Our concept is based around the idea of a hive. The hive being a place where bees gather to live and work. For us, the idea of a hive is the coming together of people in a shared space for a specific cause. Within the history of the Jarrow Hall site, traditionally there has been kept bees; it has been a pleasant surprise to feel like we are already linked to that past. In our Hive we want to encourage people to connect: using it as a hub for interactions: starting with a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. We plan to provide natural foods, using locally grown fresh herbs and produce, surprising and delighting customers with handcrafted food and coffee daily.”

The pair has a broad experience working within the food and catering industry, with Eve in particular specialising in Vegan and Gluten free cooking, which they are keen to incorporate into their menu. Sarah is also the current regional Starbucks Barista Champion for 2016, who was awarded the title earlier this year: bringing her love for unique beverages and knowledge of the coffee craft to the business.

Hive Coffee Company is family friendly, dog friendly and welcomes walkers and cyclists.

For more information including opening hours and to view the full Hive menu visit www.hivecoffeecompany.uk